Why NSC?

Listening to kids makes us stronger.

Whether your school’s student government is flourishing, emerging, or somewhere in-between, NSC is for you.

The NSC program empowers and equips your students with the knowledge and skills to be transformative leaders in your school, community, and beyond. In addition, it provides a necessary bridge between students and school leaders—helping you to engage and hear what students think, feel, and need.

With an active NSC membership, your school will have access to tools, programs, and resources to help establish your students as the next generation of leaders:

  • LEAD Conferences
    旨在帮助学生领袖成为excep好tional, LEAD Conferences provide NSC, NHS, and NJHS members national-level leadership training. Students will return with new ideas, skills, and energy to affect positive change in their school and community.

  • Raising Student Voice & Participation
    Students participating in RSVP learn how to share their ideas and opinions in constructive ways. Through the development of a Civic Action Plan, students identify challenges in their community and generate solutions to address them.

  • Distinguished Student Leader Program
    This self-paced curriculum guides high school students through an exploration of leadership skills and knowledge and helps them critically examine their own leadership styles and proficiencies.

  • Emerging Student Leader Program
    Designed for middle-level students, ESL provides a set of criteria to strengthen and accelerate their growth as leaders.

  • National Council of Excellence Awards
    NCOE recognizes student councils that meet a strict set of criteria, demonstrating evidence of meaningful student service, leadership, voice, and engagement. NCOE helps schools foster positive culture through high-quality student leadership development, ensuring students feel included and valued.